General Plan Update

2009 General Plan

         General Plan Steering Committee

  • Sharla Mortimer, Chair                                   (property owner, business owner/operator)
  • Gregg Ostro, Vice Chair
  • Kristi Bagwill
  • Christopher Baker
  • Sue Brandt
  • Mel Kuhnel
  • William Lacey                                                   (non-resident, non-voting member)

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                           PHASE 1

The Town has contracted with PLAN*et to assist in the General Plan update. State Statute mandates that municipalities prepare General Plans in accordance with “Growing Smarter” legislation. These plans are comprehensive and describe the vision, goals and policies of the Town. The document identifies a staff responsibility to identify how each proposed Council action relates to the following values:

  • Active Citizenship
  • Creating Community
  • Durable Public Improvements
  • Efficient Public Services
  • Limited Public Services
  • Self-Reliance
  • Sustainable Development

                                                                            PHASE 1

Much of the information in the current adopted General Plan mentioned above including, but not limited to, various elements, tables/charts, maps, and goals and policies are anticipated to be retained and/or updated where necessary. The Town of Dewey-Humboldt included all the following elements in our current General Plan and will be included in our update: Land Use; Circulation; Open Space/Trails; Growth Area; Environmental Planning; Cost of Development; and Water Resources. Optional Elements for Consideration: Conservation; Aggregate; Recreation; Public Buildings; Housing; Safety; and Energy.

The consultant will initially, as Phase 1, be assisting the community in evaluating and appraising the effectiveness and continuing relevance of each element of the existing plan and exploring with the community any new elements needed to be added. Phase 1 is to be the focus of this first phase.

The results of the evaluation and appraisal from Phase 1 will be used by the firm contracted to develop the scope of work for the update of each element and the development of the new elements, including background data, analysis, and goals and objectives, as Phase 2 under separate contract.

Additionally, the consultant will provide support in recommending plan framework, coordinating facilitating citizen participation and community outreach, plan editing and drafting, data collection and analysis to support the update of each element as, including graphics and diagrams, maps, public surveying, public meetings, staff meetings and any related items that are necessary in moving the update of the General Plan forward in a manner consistent with Arizona Revised Statutes, Town of Dewey-Humboldt Laws and Regulations and in concert with the goals and policies of the Mayor and Council.

It is anticipated that additional elements may be included to support various Town goals and policies identified through this process.