Ordinances & Resolutions


The Ordinances and Resolutions documents are organized with the most current events at the top of the list.
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  Ordinance 17-134 Ethics Code Repeal (Chapter 35) Ordinance
  Ordinance 17-133 Quasi-Judicial role and Ex Parte Communications Ordinance
2017 Ordinance 17-132 Board of Adjustment Reinstatement Ordinance
  Resolution 16-125 Authorizing the aquisition of real property Resolution
  Resolution 16-124 Repealing Resolution 10-78-Bank of America Resolution
  Resolution 16-123 FY16-17 Budget Adoption Resolution
  Resolution 16-121 Repealing Resolution 10-74 Adopting FY 2011-2021 Capital Improvement Plan Resolution
  Resolution 16-120 Repealing Resolutions 06-28 and 07-48 regarding Employee Compensation and Benefits
  Resolution 16-119 Adopting Principles of Sound Financial Management
  Ordinance 16-131 Annexation of 200 Foot Strip
  Ordinance 16-130 Fingerprinting Authorization - FAILED
  Ordinance 16-129 Adding 33.01 Employee Compensation and Benefits
  Ordinance 16-128 Amending Town Code Section 30.046 Optional Procedure for Municipal Elections
  Ordinance 16-127 Amending Town Code Section 31.17 Appointments
  Ordinance 16-126 Amending Town Code Section 30.019 Protocol at meetings
  Ordinance 16-125 Amending Town Code Section 30.105 Council Agenda
  Ordinance 16-124 Amending Chapter 90 Animals Ordinance
  Ordinance 16-123 Reasonable Accommodations


Ordinance 16-122 Adopting 2012 I-Codes
  Resolution 15-118 Right-Of-Way Abandonment Fee Resolution
  Resolution 15-117 FY 2015-16 Budget Adoption Resolution
  Resolution 15-116 CDBG Relocation Assistance Resolution
  Resolution 15-115 Submittal of CDBG project Applications Resolution
  Ordinance 15-121 Amending Town Code 30.031 Clarifying Vice Mayor Appointment Ordinance
  Ordinance 15-120 Amending Town Code 30.085 Representing Town Ordinance
  Ordinance 15-119 Amending Town Code 30.031(B)(12) Mayor to Report at Council request Ordinance
  Ordinance 15-118 Re-numbers as 16-123 --
  Ordinance 15-117 Adding Town Code Section 30.044 Recall Elections Ordinance
  Ordinance 15-116
Amending 30.105; 30.106; and 30.109 Meeting Protocol
  Ordinance 15-115
Amending 30.031 Mayor and Vice Mayor Powers and Duties
  Ordinance 15-114 Amending 30.107 Time of Adjournment Ordinance
  Ordinance 15-113 Large Land Division Amendment Ordinance
  Ordinance 15-112 Code of Ethics - Compliance and Enforcement Ordinance
  Ordinance 15-111
Amending 30.109 Protocol at Meetings (C) Procedures


  Ordinance 15-110
Accessory Dwelling Unit

Ordinance & Exhibit

2015 Ordinance 15-109

Amending 30.031 Mayor and Vice Mayor Appointment, Power and Duties


  Ordinance 14-108 Repealing Development Fees Ordinance
  Ordinance 14-107 Fireworks and Explosives Ordinance
  Ordinance 14-106

Code change 30.015 and 30.045 - Town Council Assumption of Duties


  Ordinance 14-105

Amending Town Code 30.017


  Ordinance 14-104

 Accessory Dwelling Unit- renumbered to 15-110

See Ord 15-110

  Resolution 14-114 Acquisition of Donated Real Property (12938 E. Main Street)  Resolution
  Resolution 14-113 Acquisition of Property (Bank Bldg. on Main)  Failed
  Resolution 14-112

FY 2014-15 Budget Adoption


  Resolution 14-111 Acquisition of land donation (Main) Resolution
  Resolution 14-110 Acquisition of land donation (Newtown) Resolution
2014 Resolution 14-109 HURF Distribution Resolution
  Resolution 13-108 Budget Adoption Resolution
  Ordinance 13-103 Council Code of Ethics Ordinance
  Ordinance 13-102
Amend 30.030 G (6) - Town Manager Authority and Responsibilities
  Ordinance 13-101
Amend 30.085 D - Representing Town and adding F - Attendance
  Ordinance 13-100 Amend 30.031E(5) Mayor and Vice Mayor Ordinance
  Ordinance 13-99 Amend 30.018D Council Actions and 30.105C Council Agenda Ordinance
  Ordinance 13-98 Study Session Time Ordinance
  Ordinance 13-97 Consolidated Elections Ordinance
2013 Ordinance 13-96 Sign Code Ordinance
  Ordinance 12-95  Amend Town Code 50.16 Disposition of Unnecessary Right-of-Way Ordinance
  Ordinance 12-94 Ratify the Sale of Alleyway Right-of-Way in 2007 Ordinance
  Ordinance 12-93 Sign Code Amendments See Ord 13-96
  Ordinance 12-92 Amending Sections 31.22 Board of Adjustment; 34/01 Fee Schedule for Town Documents; 153.021 Board of Adjustment Ordinance
  Ordinance 12-91 Amending Town Code 10.05 Definitions; 10/15 Effective Date of Ordinances; 30.018 Council Actions Ordinance
  Ordinance 12-90 Filling Vacancies on Town Council Ordinance
  Resolution 12-102 FY 2012-13 Budget Adoption Resolution
2012 Resolution 12-101 Yavapai County Emergency Management 2011Hazard Mitigation Plan Adoption Resolution
  Ordinance 11-89  Agenda Setting Meetings Amendment Ordinance
  Ordinance 11-88  Code of Ethics Text Amendment Ordinance
  Ordinance 11-87  Exemption of Residential Flagpoles Ordinance
  Ordinance 11-86  Model City Tax Code Amendment for 2010-2011
  Ordinance 11-85  Magistrate Fee Amendment Ordinance
  Ordinance 11-84  Amending Town Code 30.030 Town Manager (K) Resignation Ordinance
  Ordinance 11-83  Amending 153.091 and Adding 153.199-153.202
Medical Marijuana
  Ordinance 11-82 Amending 30.030 - Town Manager Absence Ordinance
  Ordinance 11-81  General Plan Minor and Major Amendment Fees Ordinance
  Ordinance 11-80 Temporary Dwelling Amendment Ordinance
  Resolution 11-99  HURF Funding to Legislature Resolution
  Resolution 11-98  Cities and Towns Week Resolution
  Resolution 11-97  Redistricting Stressed Points Resolution
  Resolution 11-96  Support the SAFE Plan  Failed
  Resolution 11-95  Supporting Regional Economic Development Plan with Prescott Valley Resolution
  Resolution 11-94  Redistricting Map Preference Resolution
  Resolution 11-93  Tax Code Amendment Public Record Declaration Resolution
  Resolution 11-92 FY 2012 Budget Adoption Resolution
  Resolution 11-91 Salary Ranges  Rewrite Pending
  Resolution 11-90 Sign Code Suspension Resolution
  Resolution 11-89 Study Session Start Time See Ord 13-98
  Resolution 11-88 CDBG Funds - Redevelopment Area Resolution
 2011 Resolution 11-87 CDBG Funds-Authorization to submit application Resolution
  Ordinance 10-79  Amending Town Code 30.016 Vacancies on Town Council Ordinance
  Ordinance 10-78  Amending Livestock at Large Ordinance
  Ordinance 10-77  Amending 30.105 and 30.104 Council Agenda Ordinance
  Ordinance 10-76  Amending Town Code 30.001 Form of Government and 30.030 Town Manager
  Ordinance 10-75  Open Space & Trails Committee Ordinance
  Ordinance 10-74  Livestock at Large Ordinance
  Ordinance 10-73  Change Exempt Size Ordinance
  Ordinance 10-72  Magistrate Fees Revision Ordinance
  Ordinance 10-71  Text Amendment to Town Code Section 31:19 Board/Commission/Committee Role Ordinance
  Ordinance 10-70  Use Permit Text Amendment Ordinance
  Ordinance 10-68  Building, Engineering and General Fees Ordinance
  Ordinance 10-67  Magistrate Fees Ordinance
  Ordinance 10-66  Transaction Privilege Tax Rate Change Ordinance
  Ordinance 10-65  Non-Conforming Uses and Structures Ordinance
  Ordinance 10-63  Signage Text Amendment Ordinance
  Ordinance 10-62  Utilities in Road - FAILED Ordinance
  Ordinance 10-61  Rubbish Ordinance
  Resolution 10-86  LTAF II Fund Resolution
  Resolution 10-85  Designation of Applicant's Agent for ADEM Resolution
  Resolution 10-84  Ratify Certain Actions Taken Resolution
  Resolution 10-83  Sign Code Suspension Resolution
  Resolution 10-82  Transportation Enhancement Grant Resolution
  Resolution 10-81  Final Budget FY2011 Resolution
  Resolution 10-80 Budget FY2010 Continuation Resolution
  Resolution 10-79  Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan Resolution
  Resolution 10-78  Bank Contract wtih B of A Resolution
  Resolution 10-77  Unisource Franchise - FAILED Resolution
  Resolution 10-76  APS Franchise - FAILED Resolution
  Resolution 10-75 AZ 69 and Main Street 55 M.P.H. Speed Limit Resolution
  Resolution 10-74 Capital Improvement Plan Fiscal Year 2011-2021 Resolution
2010 Resolution 10-73
 Department of Commerce Grant for Open Space & Trails Master Plan
  Ordinance 09-60
Quasigovernmental Minor Variance
Ordinance 09-59
Impact Fee
  Ordinance 09-58
Emergency Abatement
  Ordinance 09-57
 Town Code Codification
  Ordinance 09-56
 Amendment to Council and Committee Rules & Procedures
  Ordinance 09-55
Annexation/De-Annexation of 5 Properties
  Ordinance 09-54
 2009 Amendments to Tax Code
Ordinance2009 Tax Code
  Ordinance 09-53
 Amendment to Access/Encroachment Ordinance 08-45
  Ordinance 09-52
 Town Magistrate
  Ordinance 09-51
Subdivision and Division of Land
  Ordinance 09-50 Landfill Restriction Ordinance
  Ordinance 09-49 Town Council Rules and Procedures Ordinance
  Ordinance 09-48  International Energy Conservation Code w/amendments Ordinance

Ordinance 09-47  Weep Screed Building Code Esception Ordinance
  Resolution 09-72  CDBG Amendment for Funds through ADOH Resolution
  Resolution 09-71  Arizona Cities and Towns Week Resolution
  Resolution 09-70  Partners to Census 2010 Resolution
  Resolution 09-69  CYMPO IGA Resolution
  Resolution 09-68  2009 Tax Code Amendments Resolution
  Resolution 09-67  Authorized Signers for the Town of Dewey-Humboldt Resolution
  Resolution 09-66  CYMPO Membership Resolution
  Resolution 09-65 Volunteer Worker's Compensation Benefits Resolution
  Resolution 09-64  2009 General Plan Resolution
 2009 Resolution 09-63  CIP FY2009-19 Resolution
  Ordinance 08-46 Design and Development Standards
  Ordinance 08-45  Public Works Access Ordinance Ordinance
  Ordinance 08-44  2008 Omnibus Zoning Ordinance Text Amendments
  Ordinance 08-43  Notice of Claim Ordinance

Ordinance 08-42 Policy Ord-Town/Admin/Dept Procedures Ordinance
  Ordinance 08-41 PAD Ordinance
  Ordinance 08-40 Light Pollution Control Ordinance
  Ordinance 08-39 De-annexation of Property Ordinance
  Ordinance 08-38 Tax Code Amendments 

Ordinance 08-37 Hubbard Zone Change Ordinance
  Ordinance 08-36 Duties of the Manager Ordinance
  Resolution 08-62  Records Retention and Disposition Schedule Resolution
  Resolution 08-61  General Plan Citizen Participation Resolution
  Resolution 08-60  Enterprise Zone Renewal Resolution
  Resolution 08-59  Town Accrecitation for REDI Services Resolution
  Resolution 08-58  Principles of Sound Financial Management
  Resolution 08-57  Enterprise Expanded or New Zone Resolution
  Resolution 08-56 NIMS Authorization to Prepare Documents Resolution
  Resolution 08-55  General Plan Adoption Resolution
  Resolution 08-54  2009 Budget Adoption Resolution
  Resolution 08-53  Authorizing Investment in LGIP Resolution
  Resolution 08-52  Authorizion of Town Officers for LGIP Resolution
  Resolution 08-51  Fair Housing Resolution
 2008 Resolution 08-50  Declare Tax Code Amendment Public Record Resolution
  Resolution 07-49  Private Road Transition Policy Resolution
  Resolution 07-48 Town's Employee Compensation Plan Amendment Resolution
  Resolution 07-47  Residential Values Advisory Committee Resolution
  Resolution 07-46  Supporting De-Annexation of Property Resolution

Resolution 07-45 Selection Process for Council  Resolution
  Resolution 07-44 Council Duties  Resolutions
  Resolution 07-43 Mayor Duties  Resolutions
  Resolution 07-42 OOHR Guidelines Resolution
  Resolution 07-41 DC Guidelines  Resolutions
  Resolution 07-40 Relocation Assistance Plan  Resolutions
  Resolution 07-37 Council Duties No Action
  Resolution 07-36 Mayor Duties No Action
  Resolution 07-35 Right to Bear Arms Resolution
  Resolution 07-34  CDBG Relocation Assistance Plan Tabled
  Resolution 07-33  Submit Application for CDBG Tabled
  Resolution 07-32 Meeting Protocol Resolution
  Resolution 07-31 Council Duties Resolution
  Resolution 07-30 Mayor Duties Resolution
  Ordinance 07-35 International Energy Conservation Code 2006 Ed. No Action
  Ordinance 07-34 Sales Tax Ordinance
  Ordinance 07-33
Monogram Residential
  Ordinance 07-33
Exhibit B
Legal Description Residential
  Ordinance 07-32
Part 2
Youngs Parcel A
  Ordinance 07-32
Monogram Marketplace
  Ordinance 07-32
Exhibit B
Legal Description Commerical
 2007  Ordinance 07-31
Administrative and Building Codes 2007
  Resolution 06-29
Tax Code
  Resolution 06-28
Employee Compensation
  Resolution 06-27
Council Selection
  Resolution 06-26
Micron Technology
  Resolution 06-25
Tax Code
  Resolution 06-24
Kachina Light
  Resolution 06-23
BLM Plan Support
  Resolution 06-22
CableOne / NBC
  Ordinance 06-30
Peppertree Zone Change - FAILED
  Ordinance 06-29
P&Z Structure
  Ordinance 06-28
Tax Code
  Ordinance 06-27
FEMA Flood Insurance
  Ordinance 06-26
Subdivision Code
  Ordinance 06-25
Tax Code
  Ordinance 06-24
Monogram Development - FAILED
  Ordinance 06-23
Savage Convenience Store
  Ordinance 06-22
Schuck Wood Truss Zone Change
 2006 Ordinance 06-21
Amend Zone
  Resolution 05-21
Joining Water Advisory
  Resolution 05-20
Acquire Credit Card
  Resolution 05-19
Check Signing
  Resolution 05-18
Water Committee
  Resolution 05-17
Council Duties
  Resolution 05-16
  Resolution 05-15
Mayor Duties
  Resolution 05-14
Copy Costs
  Resolution 05-13
ICMA Retirement Plan
  Resolution 05-12
ICMA Retirement Plan
  Resolution 05-11
Declaring Public Records, Qualified Judges be entitled to sit as a Magisrative of the D-H Magistrate Court
  Resolution 05-10
Declare Public Record, Proposed Publics Works Code 
  Resolution 05-09
Declare Public Record, propsed Administravtive and Building code/Valuation/fee schedule
  Resolution 05-08
Assist Management of Floodplain activities Declare Emergency  
  Resolution 05-07
Declared Public Record, proposed, P &Z ORD  
  Resolution 05-06
Staggered Terms of Council  
  Resolution 05-05
Designate Election Date and Purpose of Election, Deadline for Voter Reg. Designated place and date for Canidates to film Nom
  Resolution 05-04
Declare as Public Record- Tax Code  
  Resolution 05-03
Esatablishment of Bank Accounts and Declaring Emergency  
  Resolution 05-02
Establish Line of Credit- Declared Emergency  
  Resolution 05-01
 Prescribing Standard of Financal Disclosure for Elected Officials
  Ordinance 05-20
Vicious Dog
  Ordinance 05-19
Pseudo Ephedrine Products
  Ordinance 05-18
  Ordinance 05-17
Animal Control
  Ordinance 05-16
Animal Control
  Ordinance 05-15
  Ordinance 05-14
Staff Report
  Ordinance 05-14
Part 2
Staff Report
  Ordinance 05-13
Administrative Building Code 
  Ordinance 05-12
  Public Works Code
  Ordinance 05-11
P&Z Advisory Commission 
  Ordinance 05-10A
  Council Meeting Location
  Ordinance 05-10
  Land Subdivision Regulations
2005 Ordinance 05-10
Subdivision Regulations
  Ordinance 05-09
   Ordinance 05-02
 2005 Tax Code
04-01 thru 06-21
Multiple Ordinances

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