Code Enforcement

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The Town of Dewey-Humboldt Code Enforcement Staff is committed to enforcing land use and property maintenance requirements set by Town Codes and Ordinances . The goal of Code Enforcement is for voluntary compliance with these standards.

Minimum Housing Standards

The Town of Dewey-Humboldt has adopted minimum standards of maintenance for housing and property within the Town limits. All housing must be maintained in a safe, sound and sanitary condition. Property owners are ultimately responsible for the maintenance of their properties. However, tenants are responsible for keeping their residence clean, sanitary and free of trash and debris. The Town’s Property Maintenance Code also requires that occupied dwellings have all appropriate utilities connected.

Junk, Hazardous and Abandoned Motor Vehicles

The Code Enforcement Division also enforces the Town of Dewey-Humboldt Junk, Hazardous and Abandoned Motor Vehicle Codes. It requires that all vehicles be properly licensed and operable or stored in accordance with the Ordinance’s guidelines. Vehicles which are inoperable or not currently licensed may be stored inside of an enclosed garage or storage building. Two such vehicles may be stored in the side or rear yard of a residence if it is screened from any public or private right-of-way or adjacent property and the area around the vehicle is properly maintained.

Code Enforcement problems?

If you would like to report junk vehicles, trash and debris, zoning violations, or other code enforcement problems, please fill out our complaint form or call 928-632-8643.

When making a complaint

Confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. If this is a concern, we will process the complaint as anonymous. If the person placing the complaint refuses to provide a name, address, and/or phone number the person receiving the call will explain that the compliance person will investigate the anonymous complaint but if additional information is required to follow up on the complaint, we can be more effective in our investigation if the caller provides their name, address, and/or phone number.  We cannot guarantee anonymity to any complaint that provides a name.  A site address of the location of the alleged violation must be provided.